Yucca Plant

Yucca Plant

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A real statement plant, the Yucca is eye-catching yet easy to look after.  He will brighten up any corner with his bright sword-like leaves.


The height of your Yucca is approximately 110cm and the nursery pot diameter is 27cm. All Leaf & Pot plants come in a nursery pot and we recommend that you choose a ceramic pot that is up to 3cm bigger in diameter than the nursery pot.

Water requirements

Your Yucca likes to dry out between waterings so give him a drink when the top third of his soil feels dry.

Light requirements

Your Yucca prefers bright, indirect sunlight but will cope in a shadier spot, provided he is well cared for.

Anything else?

Your Yucca will thank you for giving his leaves an occasional dust. This plant is toxic to cats and dogs. All Leaf & Pot plants come with detailed care instructions so your plant can live his best life!