Sedum Burrito in Mustard Planter

Sedum Burrito in Mustard Planter

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So cool and quirky looking, the Sedum Burrito is an evergreen with closely-packed fat, fleshy green-blue leaves.  He produces small, star-shaped flowers in summer or autumn and looks equally beautiful on a shelf or in a hanging planter. We've paired him with a mustard leggy planter to really show off his foliage.


The Sedum Burrito is approximately 20cm long.

Water requirements

Your Sedum Burrito likes to be kept on the dry side. Give him a drink when his soil feels dry but never let him sit in water.

Light requirements

Your Sedum Burrito like a warm, bright spot. He can tolerate partial or full sun for part of the day.

Anything else?

Your Sedum Burrito doesn't like a humid environment so won't do well in a bathroom or kitchen.  Each Leaf & Pot plant comes with detailed care instructions so he can live his best life!