Lipstick Plant in Copper Hammered Bowl

Lipstick Plant in Copper Hammered Bowl

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The lipstick plant (or Aeschynanthes Japhrolepis) is so nicknamed because of the shape of her bright red flowers. She's a low-maintenance plant that loves a bright spot in your home. We've paired her with our stunning Copper Hammered Bowl for a gift with wow-factor.


The length of the Lipstick Plant is approximately 35cm.

Watering requirements 

Your Lipstick Plant likes her soil slightly moist but not soggy. Give her a drink when the top inch of her soil feels dry.

Light requirements

Your Lipstick Plant loves a bright spot, out of direct sun.  The brighter the spot the more likely you are to see her beautiful flowers.  She won't do well in shade.

Anything else?

Your Lipstick Plant loves a moist environment so give her a mist every few days. Each Leaf & Pot plant comes with detailed care instructions so your plant can live her best life!