Monstera Deliciosa (Cheeseplant)

Monstera Deliciosa (Cheeseplant)

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With its iconic leafshape, the cheeseplant is one of the most recognisable houseplants and needs no introduction!


The height of the cheeseplant is approximately 100cm and the nursery pot diameter is 19cm. All Leaf & Pot plants come in a nursery pot and we recommend that you choose a ceramic pot that is up to 3cm bigger in diameter than the nursery pot.

Water requirements

Your cheeseplant likes to dry out a little between waterings so give him a drink when the top two inches of his soil feel dry.

Light requirements

Your cheeseplant will tolerate a shadier spot but will grow better somewhere that is brighter (although never in direct sunlight).

Anything else?

Your cheeseplant loves a moist environment so give him a mist every few days. He likes to have clean leaves as it helps him to absorb the light so give him a dust if he looks grubby. Each Leaf & Pot plant comes with detailed care instructions so your plant can live his best life!